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SilverBuckle Howie - 4 years old - Hunts Close and Thorough - Very Fun Dog - Stylish Points

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gwp - 4/2014 litter
Brad and Jetta (11/2014)
Bacon/Ed Litter 4/2014

Rayna (2 y.o.) and Spud out for a walk.


SilverBuckle Howie

4 years old

Puppies for Sale

We are currently also taking deposits for spring puppies.

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Bacon / Howie Litter DOB: 5/11/2015


20160326_111045 Boomer


2015 02 Schatzie DSC_0005Schatzie

P1020248 2016 03 Boomer


  • puppies in yard
  • June 2013
  • Playing in yard and learning to eat

P1020249 Boomer